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Quality F.A.Q (Fair Average Quality)
Foreign Matter 1.00 % Max
Weevilled Seeds 3.00 % Max
Damage Otherwise 3.00 % Max
Foreign Bean 0.5 % Max
Broken 1.00 % Max
Myanmar name Pe-sin-gon, also known as Myanmar Toor whole, Pigeon Pea, Angola Pea, Cajanus cajan. In Myanmar, Toor whole is mainly sown in May, monsoon season and harvested in December to February in cool season. it is mainly intercropped with sesame, green gram, groundnut and maize in monsoon season. Pigeon pea can be grown once a year. Traders, therefore, store pigeon pea to supply market before newly harvested crop before entering to market. It is mainly demanded by Indian restaurants and is consumed farm family in main producing areas and Anglo-India consumers, so it is mainly exported.