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Quality F.A.Q (Fair Average Quality)
Foreign Matter 1.00 % Max
Weevilled Seeds 3.00 % Max
Damage Otherwise 5.00 % Max
Foreign Bean 0.50 % Max
Broken 3.00 % Max
Myanmar name Ka-la-pe-phyu-lone-gyi, also know as Myanmar Chick Peas white, V2, Bangal gram, Channa, Garbanzo bean, Gram whole. In Myanmar, Chickpea can be grown once a year due to limitation of agro-ecological zones and is sown as cool season crop in central dry zone region. It is planted in November and harvested in February and March. It is consumed as dhal, curry of chicken with chickpea, vermicelli, fried glutinous rice dough with chickpea, and chick pea flour etc., and surplus is exported.