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Quality S.Q (Special Quality)
Foreign Matter 1.00 % Max
Weevilled Seeds 0.50 % Max
Damage Otherwise 2.00 % Max
Brown Seed 2.50 % Max
Sister Bean 3.00 % Max
Myanmar name Black Matpe, also known as Black gram, Urad, Vigna mungo. In Myanmar, black gram is sown as cool season crop. Delta region is main surplus-producing area of black gram. In cool season, farmers grow black gram after harvesting monsoon paddy as second crop, mainly relied on residual soil moisture. Thus, farmers prepare land to be cultivated timely, after harvesting on monsoon paddy. Black gram planting commences in "November and harvesting completes between February and March". It is consumed as bean sprout, dhal curry, and snack and most of surplus is exported.